What is coaching?

The coaching journey is a journey of action, learning and growth. It helps you close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be - quicker than you may do so on your own. This is because a coach is an objective, judgement-free champion who helps you increase your self-awareness, create action plans, find effective strategies, and holds you accountable to yourself.


What is life design?

Any type of coaching works when you take actions outside of the sessions. Life design coaching is based on a premise that in order to know the way forward you might need to design small experiments to test your assumptions, to increase your knowledge, learning and self-awareness. It is also holistic, because a fulfilled and happy life is not just about work.


How it works:

Logistics: I am based in London and coach on the phone, which allows us to work together regardless of the location, and keeps the fees lower.

Fees: An hour coaching session is £25 and a series consisting of 5 hour-long sessions costs £100.

Timing: Bookings are open for autumn 2019.