You are what they can ‘purpose-driven’: you want your work life to be engaging, pay for your lifestyle, use your strengths, give you responsibility, and to make an impact. Some say that’s too much to ask, but you know it can be done. You’re just not exactly sure how, but you are ready to go on a Quest to design a life that makes you jump out of bed on a Monday morning.


My name is Justina. I have spent 3 years on the arduous journey of career-change and emerged at the other. I know for a fact that if I had structured support and someone encouraging me along the way, I would have made it quicker - and that is what I want to be for you now. I have been involved in coaching and personal development for over 4 years and am on a mission to use my skills and experience to support people in designing fulfilling lives.  

You don’t need to have a coach to live a fulfilling life - but a coach will help you make that journey shorter and it will be much more fun along the way :)